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Kitchen Drama

Milan's Teatro 7 restaurant and cooking school.

Kitchen Drama

Milan's lively "Isola" district is home to a cooking school with a difference. Teatro 7 is the name of an innovative gastronomic enterprise which unites diverse food-orientated activities: a restaurant, cooking school, culinary theater, and private dinner venue.

What a performance!

Teatro 7 came to life in 2005, fruit of the explosive creativity of Rico Guarnieri, who had the idea to create a whole new type of cooking school, where pupils would experience the atmosphere of a home-style kitchen within a professional restaurant environment.

Students attending Teatro 7's cooking lessons have access to an impressive variety of Kitchenaid appliances and professionally equipped work stations.

The school is visible from the street and it is here that the theatrical dimension of cooking comes in to play

Rent a restaurant

Courses range from the introduction to basic cooking techniques to more advanced culinary themes.

The most entertaining class has to be "Evening with Friends", which offers those unable to host a dinner in their own home the occasion to rent the Teatro7 and cook, together with a chef, a fabulous meal for their friends.

All cooked up

"Chef for a Night" is designed for food lovers keen to don chef's apron and hat for an evening and prepare a meal, aided by a professional chef, in front of an audience who, at the conclusion of the "performance", are invited to taste the dishes prepared.

Saturday afternoons are dedicated to kids (aged 5 o 10 years), in the form of Teatro 7's "Minichef" cooking courses

The naked kitchen

During the week, Teatro 7 functions as restaurant, with just 30 much requested seats, where customers enjoy dishes prepared by cooks, all of whom are clearly visible through the windows of the restaurant's exposed kitchen.

Via Thaon di Revel 7
Tel. +39 02 89073719

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