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Eat, drink and be merry!

Unforgettable eating experiences in Crete Senesi, c/o Villa Armena

In one of the most-loved corners of Tuscany, Villa Armena sits amidst the gently undulating hills of Crete Senesi, just outside the medieval walls of the beautifully conserved town of Buonconvento.
Edoardo, the owner, comes from a little farther afield: from Cuneo, in Piedmont, and his talented chef, Carlo Valeri, from Naples. The result? A menu which perfectly combines the great culinary traditions of Northern and Southern Italy - in Tuscany!

An excellent extra virgin olive oil, freshly-churned butter delivered direct from the mountains each week, seasonal truffles and mushrooms, vegetables plucked from the fields surrounding the villa just minutes before they reach your plate, wild rabbit, pigeon and the finest beef: only the best ingredients make their way into Villa Armena's kitchen!

Sorbo Allegro: the name says it all

Edoardo tells of how he was struck by the huge centuries-old Sorbo (or rowan tree) which stands opposite the entrance to the villa. This great green giant guarding the hotel became the inspiration for the name of his restaurant, to which Edoardo added the adjective, "allegro" ('merry' in Italian), to underline the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere which you can expect to experience inside.

A cellar with character

Like the restaurant, the cellar reflects the personality of a man who wants his guests to feel not as if they are in a hotel, but in a private villa in Tuscany. The well-researched wine list gives particular emphasis to lesser known labels and emerging wine producers from the various regions of Italy. Need help choosing your wine? Villa Armena's professional sommelier, Laura, is always ready to assist.

Wine lovers should be sure to join the "Brunello Tour" (personally organized by the owner) which includes visits to the wineries of nearby Montalcino, the town where Tuscany's most famous wine is produced.

The taste of Tuscany

Rooted (often quite literally!) in the fertile land which surrounds the hotel, taste experiences at Villa Armena alter according to the time of year. During the truffle season, guests have the chance to savor unforgettable dishes like Pigeon breast with white truffle, thighs in Rosso di Montalcino, foie gras and creamed potato or "''egg tortello with ricotta and white truffle . The more adventurous of gourmands will want to try the chef's creative combinations such as red shrimp seared with black truffle and green beans from the garden '. Traditionalists will, no doubt, opt for the 'tartar of wild boar with cloves and Tabasco and mayonnaise made with extra virgin olive oil'' ' - and they will not be disappointed!

Take a note for your next trip to Tuscany:

Villa Armena
Località Armena
53022 Buonconvento (SI)
Tel: +390577808433

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