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The art of love

A romantic escape to Verona - where else?

The art of love

You'll have a hard job finding a better destination for a romantic weekend away than the beautiful Italian city in which the legendary lovers Romeo and Juliet met.

Thousands of love struck couples, from each and every corner of the globe, flock to Verona each year to see the city and the places associated with the love story. This, despite the fact that, the greater part of the various locations have little, if anything, to do with Romeo and Juliet (it was in the relatively recent 1935 that a superintendent, keen to fuel interest in the city, assigned the sites to various moments from the tale).

It's easy to suspend your disbelief when in Verona: a truly romantic city, seemingly custom-- designed for those in love. And, for those traveling as a couple, a little sentimental kitsch will do no harm.

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Juliet's house, balcony and love letters

The House of Juliet, in via Cappello, is the best known, most visited and most photographed of all the sites linked to the legend, and, perhaps, the least likely to have had anything to do with it, given that it was almost entirely rebuilt in the early 20th century; the time when the famous balcony was added!

Whether you believe Juliet ever looked over that balcony or not, a kiss in front of the bronze statue of Shakespeare's most loved female protagonist is an obligatory one.

Once back home, send a letter to Giulietta Capuleti- Verona. Unbelievable but true, you'll receive a reply penned by the volunteers of the Juliet Club, who with great patience and dedication, respond to each and every epistle

Two hearts and a stone on the lovers' terrace

Via the courtyard of Juliet's house, visitors access the Terrazza degli Innamorati (or Lover's Terrace), which is now an integral part of Verona's Teatro Stabile. The terrace is one of the most romantic viewing points in the whole city. From here you can see the place where, apparently, Romeo and Juliet first fell in love.

In 2008, the floor of the terrace was restored and paved with 60.000 marble tiles. This was when the 'Lovestone' project was launched, inviting couples to leave an indelible sign of their love (using laser technology) on one of the tiles. Lovers participating in the project receive a certificate indicating the number and position of the tile.

Where the love story had its tragic end

Another obligatory stop on this art tour of amour is Juliet's Tomb, located just outside the walls of the city, in the convent of San Francesco al Corso.
Visitors access the underground crypt where the sarcophagus is housed via the cloisters. The charm of the ancient convent increases the atmosphere of entrancement further and it's easy to forget that, it's extremely unlikely that Juliet was ever buried here!

Whilst at the convent, make sure you visit the Museo degli Affreschi Cavalcaselle, home to a magnificent collection of frescoes dating from the 10th to 16th century

A game guide to discover the city... for two

A novel way to explore the city, the 'Verona Amor Game Guide', published by WhaiWhai, takes visitors on a tour of 35 sites linked to 35 intriguing enigmas. Imagining that the last descendent of the Capuleti family needs their help, players follow text messages related to specific pages of the guide.

A taste of Verona

Alas, you can't live on love alone so, if your tummy starts rumbling, pop into L'Antica Bottega del Vino in via Scudo di Francia 3: a cozy little eatery serving all of the city's best loved dishes.

If you're looking for a peaceful spot to have dinner, beyond Verona, head to Bardolino, on the shores of Lake Garda, and the a Loggia Rambaldi restaurant, housed within the walls of a stunning 16th century edifice in Piazza Principe Amedeo, opposite the port.


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