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Tasting Venice

Cooking lessons and gastro-philosophic walks

Tasting Venice

Venetian cuisine is the delicious result of the fervent exchange of ingredients and mixing of cultures, which has played such an important role in this great merchant city's history.
Today, the secrets of Venetian cooking are divulged in cooking courses organised by Peccati di Gola and held by Mariagrazia Calò, famous in Italy for her appearances in the popular television cooking programme "La Prova del Cuoco".

Home cooking and walking tours

The bubbly Mariagrazia teaches students in the kitchen of her home in Sestiere San Polo. In addition to participating in the traditional classes arranged by the company, visitors to Venice can attend one of Peccati di Gola's Gastro-philosophical Meetings.

The thematic cooking lessons are followed by a walking tour of the streets and food markets of Venice in the company of Carla Coco, gastronomy historian and writer

History in the tasting

One of Peccati di Gola's meetings imparts the secrets of typical Venetian dishes such as salt cod croquettes and rice and Savoy cabbage timbale, together with an excursus of the history of the city's cuisine aided by artworks in Palazzo Querini Stampalia, one time residence of Captain Pietro Querini, the man who "discovered" baccalà (salted cod) in 1431, whilst shipwrecked off Norway.
Those wishing to learn about the history and flavors of Jewish and Levantine Venice should be sure to enroll for the "Orient in Venice: spices, geese and synagogues" course.

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