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Markets in Rome

Trendy trading spots and historic street markets in the Italian capital

Markets in Rome

Our tour of Rome's markets starts with the biggest and most famous of them all: the Porta Portese flee market.
Each Sunday, from first thing in the morning until the early hours of the afternoon, locals and tourists alike make their way through the market which stretches from Via Portuense to Via Ippolito Nievo and all the way to Viale Trastevere and the place from which it takes its name: Porta Portese.

Originally a second-hand market, today the 1000-stall Porta Portese sells just about everything you could imagine (old and new). Nostalgics will tell you that the market is not the way it used to be, but one thing is as certain as it was years ago: if you go to Porta Portese, you won't come away empty handed!

If you don't want to get up early on Sunday morning, you can always stay out late on Saturday night and stop off at the market on your way home instead!

For fashionistas

The exact opposite of the Porta Portese Market, the garage sale-inspired market held in Borghetto Flaminio, Via Piazzale Marina 32 (near Villa Borghese), each Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00, is where well-heeled Romans bring their unwanted (but seriously classy) items of furniture, clothing and accessories to be sold. Although prices of the merchandise in the market are high, if it's value for money you're looking for, this is where you'll get it.

Want to brush shoulders with the stars? Take a stroll through Rome's markets and you might easily come across celebrities of the big and small screen doing likewise

Cutting-edge and vintage designs

Rome's Rione Monti hosts one of most avant-garde markets in rome: the Mercato Monti. Held each weekend in the 1970's style Hotel Palatino, in Via Leonina 46, the market attracts a cosmopolitan crowd with its stalls selling the works of young artists and emerging fashion stylists (as well as design-conscious furnishings for the house and garden). This is where you're most likely to find that vintage vinyl or poster too.
For month by month updates check out the website: www.mercatomonti.com

From mid-June to the end of July, from 19.00hrs, Rome's Monti Market moves to piazza San Bartolomeo on the Isola Tiburtina

Traditional and modern markets

The city's two best known food markets are Campo de' Fiori and Testaccio. The first, located in the square with which it shares its name, in the shadow of the statue of Giordano Bruno, is by far the most picturesque: it's stalls piled sky-high with colorful fruit and vegetables. Prices are not cheap, but the atmosphere is incredible.

In July 2012, Testaccio's famous street market moved from its historic location in Via Testaccio to Via Glavani, next to Monte de Cocci. Whilst long-standing customers were not particularly pleased with the change, the new site has allowed for a more better distribution of the stalls and services.
Both markets are open from Monday to Saturday, from 06.00 to 15.00.

Campo de' Fiori is the perfect place to be in when your tummy starts to rumble! Grab a slice of pizza bianca from the Forno di Campo de Fiori and let the shopping continue!

Unexpected, ethnic and fun

Rome is a city full of surprises, surprises like the Japanese Sunday market, held once a month, at the Blackout Rock Club, in Via Casilina 713. Here you can pick up all sorts of oriental treasures, from clothing to chinaware to gastronomic goodies, and, if you're a fan of Japanese fantasy films, even participate in a Cosplay competition!

Don't want to miss out on the events held at Rome's Japanese Market? Follow the Facebook Page.


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