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The road which departs from Piazza Venezia to reach the Coliseum crosses the entire area of the Imperial Forums and the Traiano Market, which constitutes the largest archaeological city in the world.

From the Alter to the Patria, along the Via dei Fori Imperiali one comes across the ruins of the Forum of Caesar and the Temple of Venere Genetrice, commissioned by Caesar prior to the battle of Farsalo; the Traiano Forum with the remains of the Ulpia Basilica, considered to be the largest of ancient Rome; the 40 meter high Traiana Column which depicts salient episodes from the military operations of Traiano against the Daci; the Forum of Augustus, which commemorates the victory of Filippi and is dedicated to Marte Ultore; the Forum of Nerva, where the Temple of the Minerva was constructed and of which only the basement has survived; the Roman and Palatine Forum, the Church of St Cosma and St Damiano with its fabulous mosaics and the Church of St Luca and St Martina. At the end of the Via dei Fori Imperiali one arrives at the Coliseum.

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