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Decumani Hotel de Charme (Napoli)

"There are places that you go to, and once is enough..................and then there is Naples" cit. John Turturro

Gino Sorbillo and pizza Hotel

Gino Sorbillo and pizza

Gino Sorbillo is a Neapolitan pizzaiolo appreciated for its verve and its eclecticism.


Santa Chiara Hotel

Santa Chiara

It was built up between the 1310 and the 1328,by the King Roberto d' Angiò and of his wife Sancia, in gotich-provencal style.It began quickly the favorite church of the Neapolitan nobility.


Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo Hotel

Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo

It is the masterpiece of baroque art in Naples.It was built up during the XVI century by the order of Jesuits on the same place of the renaissance "Palazzo Sanseverino",of whose preserves the ashlar facade of daimond tip shape.


Il Duomo Hotel

Il Duomo

The King Carl II d'Angiò started its construction beginning in 1294 on the place of ancient religious buildings, some of these were destroyed and others were preserved and inserted in the "angioina" structure.