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Adriana Ligi - Socio e gestore - Villa Tombolina

Adriana Ligi

(Socio e gestore)

Villa Tombolina (Montemaggiore al Metauro)

nature, hill

I love shopping!!! Hotel

I love shopping!!!

Orciani bags in Fano, Piero Guidi in Urbino, Dirk Bikkemberg in Fano, Freeport in Pesaro, Tod's and Hogan in Civitanova, Simonetta and Fendi kids in Jesi


Many interestings ways Hotel

Many interestings ways

Urbino, Fano, Pesaro, Gradara, Conero, Urbania, Fabriano, Corinaldo, Grotte di Frasassi, Loreto, Ancona, ecc...


From the hills to the sea gourmet routes Hotel

From the hills to the sea gourmet routes

At La Greppia of Montemaggiore to Metauro: cuisine of the Marche, rich in taste, baking in a wood oven, pizza, pastry baked on stone piada cold cuts coming from the farm's family.

Tel. +390721892408


Handmade especially Hotel

Handmade especially

Olive oil, wine, pianos, accordions, pasta, boating, leather goods, hats, shoes, wood, iron, etc. ...

Tel. +390721891918