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Adriana Ligi - Socio e gestore - Villa Tombolina

Adriana Ligi

(Socio e gestore)

Villa Tombolina (Montemaggiore al Metauro)

nature, hill

Handmade especially Hotel

Handmade especially

Olive oil, wine, pianos, accordions, pasta, boating, leather goods, hats, shoes, wood, iron, etc. ...

Tel. +390721891918


From the hills to the sea gourmet routes Hotel

From the hills to the sea gourmet routes

At La Greppia of Montemaggiore to Metauro: cuisine of the Marche, rich in taste, baking in a wood oven, pizza, pastry baked on stone piada cold cuts coming from the farm's family.

Tel. +390721892408


Many interestings ways Hotel

Many interestings ways

Urbino, Fano, Pesaro, Gradara, Conero, Urbania, Fabriano, Corinaldo, Grotte di Frasassi, Loreto, Ancona, ecc...


I love shopping!!! Hotel

I love shopping!!!

Orciani bags in Fano, Piero Guidi in Urbino, Dirk Bikkemberg in Fano, Freeport in Pesaro, Tod's and Hogan in Civitanova, Simonetta and Fendi kids in Jesi