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Anna Passi - Proprietario - Villa Giulia Suites

Anna Passi


Villa Giulia Suites (Roma)

Charming location in the exclusive, green district of the centre of Rome, the Aventino. Surrounded by the most important monuments you'll live the more authentic Rome.ending your day enjoying a delicious dinner in your relaxing garden!

Anna passi Hotel

Anna passi

The famous Testaccio market, at the foot of the Aventine, has been moved from the historic square in the heart of the district to a new site nearby, but has not lost its charm and its convenience!


The Orange Garden Hotel

The Orange Garden

A few steps from our suites, next to the beautiful Basilica of Santa Sabina, the Orange Garden will offer you a splendid view of Rome! A little farther, from the entrance door of the Priory of the Knights of Malta you will get the most famo


MACRO MUSEUM - Testaccio District Hotel

MACRO MUSEUM - Testaccio District

The Macro Museum, the former slaughterhouse complex, is a lively area for cultural and artistic events. In line with the dynamic Testaccio district and the strong presence of young people in the evening hours, is open from 4pm to midnight.