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Gessica Silvia

(Responsabile Ricevimento)

Resort Acropoli (Pantelleria)

Pantelleria has its own personality and to know it we have to mix with its people, shopping at the local shops, in short, LIVING IT! Resort Acropoli give you the chance "to live" Pantelleria and "feel at home"

Natural Sauna Hotel

Natural Sauna

The Benikulà sauna is found on the ridge of the Montagna Grande and it is reached from the hamlet of Sibà. Inside the cave you may sit on the lava stone and enjoy a vapour sauna.


Arcaeological Excursion Hotel

Arcaeological Excursion

In the St. Marcus punic and roman acropolis.


Archaeological Excursion Hotel

Archaeological Excursion

In the ancient Bronze Age Village and his necropolis, the "Sesi"


Venus Lake Hotel

Venus Lake

Venus' Mirror is one of the jewels of the island. Its water sparkles like a light blue and green gemstone amidst a typical lush vegetation of endemic plants. Its waters occupy the crater of an extinguished volcano.


Trekking Hotel


Trekking Trail in the Natural Reserve


Favare Hotel


The island's surface is alive with secondary volcanic activity consisting in hot water vapour outflows. The most important of these phenomena is the Favara Grande, on the sides of the Montagna Grande.


The Big Mountain

The Big Mountain (836m) is a volcanic cone remnant, around which 24 hills rise up, small craters called Cuddie.