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Edoardo Giacone - Proprietario - Relais Villa Armena

Edoardo Giacone


Relais Villa Armena (Buonconvento)

Villa Armena is located in Buonconvento, in the heart of the Crete Senesi. Center of great charm, Buonconvento is a member of "The most beautiful villages in Italy".

Enoteca Osticcio Hotel

Enoteca Osticcio

Wine shop, tavern and a breathtaking view, what do you want?


Le Crete Senesi Hotel

Le Crete Senesi

There are no icons such as squares, cathedrals, castles identify this territory only intimate corners like that cypress, an old farm house, the curve of the dirt road, the window of the farm.


Il Palazzone - Az. Agricola Vitivinicola Hotel

Il Palazzone - Az. Agricola Vitivinicola

A small farm, a great Brunello.


Il Sorbo Allegro Hotel

Il Sorbo Allegro

Creative cuisine, using the finest of locally sourced ingredients. A faultless and well-researched wine list with plenty of seriously Super Tuscans!


Siena Hotel


Siena, the city where he breathes a 'atmosphere that you can not find anywhere else, because its people have preserved the traditions of the fathers, such as those related to the Palio, renewing them every year.



Montalcino, a medieval town with a defensive military structure, furrowed by steep, narrow streets. From up here, the landscapes are veritable works of art just like those kept in the Museo Civico Diocesano d’Arte Sacra.



Built along the narrow summit of a limestone hill, this beautiful medieval village seems to be the natural continuation of the hill on which it is built.