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Relais Vedetta (Scarlino)

The Maremma is still a genuine land where the scenery is different and exciting . Nature is the mistress: a vast territory that in just 100 km offers wonderful sea and a mountain over 1700 meters high. Wine and local product are excellent.

Cala Violina Hotel

Cala Violina

Cala Violina beach is perhaps the most beautiful bay in all of Tuscany. Wild and unspoilt is the perfect place to live out of season. You can walk with a white road with perfect views for running, hiking and biking

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Le Carriere del 19 (every year the 19th of Augu... Hotel

Le Carriere del 19 (every year the 19th of Augu...

Unique historical re-enactment: in one day the three districts of the village of Scarlino challenge each other in multiple races, from archery to the parade, the award for the best decoration of the districts to running-race in costume.

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Restourant rossOCorbezzolo Hotel

Restourant rossOCorbezzolo

For a light lunch to be enjoyed with a view to the Elba and Corsica and in the evening for a candlelight dinner. The restaurant of Relais vedetta offers traditional dishes, served with a wide selection of local wines.

Tel. +39056637023