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Valeria Carfora - Proprietario e gestore - Locanda La Scuola

Valeria Carfora

(Proprietario e gestore)

Locanda La Scuola (Lusiana)

Lusiana, on the southern side of the Asiago Plateau, is the perfect stopover up in the hills for your journey in Veneto. Breathtaking views and gorgeous road trip to Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Verona, Venice, Padua, Cittadella ...

Roadtrips up and down from the hills Hotel

Roadtrips up and down from the hills

Lusiana is the perfect point of departure if you like to drive or bike on panoramic roads of the hills: tiny villages, cherry trees, vineyards, chestnuts wood and foliage tours... everyday a new trip and never the same road!

Tel. +39 333 3792859


The "Museo Diffuso" of Lusiana Hotel

The "Museo Diffuso" of Lusiana

Innovative concept, the museum has six different proposals: the Mountain Botanical Garden, the Prehistoric Village, the Park of Sojo Art and Nature, the Valley of the Mills, the ethnographic museum and demonstration area Labioli. Beautiful!

Tel. +39 0424 407264


The Cheese Alms Tour on Monte Corno Hotel

The Cheese Alms Tour on Monte Corno

If you're visiting the Asiago Plateau you can't miss this great, walking (or biking or driving) tour among the mountain cheese alms of Monte Corno: breathtaking views - in bright days you can see Venice! And a lot of Asiago Cheese to buy!

Tel. +39 333 3792859