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Claudia Torazza

(Capo Ricevimento)

Hotel Miramare (Sestri Levante)

Because of the beauty of the Tigullio's Gulf with its seaside villages and the carrugi (the colored houses) of Sestri Levante, a jewel overlooking the sea a few kilometers from Rapallo and the Cinque Terre.

Portofino Hotel


The most famous city of the Levante Ligure


5 Terre Hotel

5 Terre

A territory in which sea and land are founded forming a unique and evocative area. 18 kilometers of rocky coastline abounding with abundant bays, beaches and deep sea, surrounded by mountains running parrellel to the coast.


San Fruttuoso Hotel

San Fruttuoso

In Liguria, between Camogli and Portofino, set in a deep bay,
almost a pearl in the rugged coast of Portofino, there is a lovely, small bay, accessible only on foot or by sea.