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Carlo Lunati - Proprietario - Valle Rita

Carlo Lunati


Valle Rita (Ginosa)

Immersed in an organic farm in Apulia. Unique place for relaxation.

La Gravina di Laterza Hotel

La Gravina di Laterza

It is the largest canyons in Europe. Around and inside it has developed over thousands of years a rock civilization that has left traces in culture, history and arts. Inside the canyon there is Lipu oasis.

Tel. +39 339 3311947


G. Inglese Sartoria Hotel

G. Inglese Sartoria

Since 1955 he had made hand-sewn garments according to traditional methods of sewing. Fine fabrics and attention to small details. The excellence of made in Italy.

Tel. +39 099.8292572


La Latteria Hotel

La Latteria

Near the city of Sassi, in a small room furnished in a simple way, Emanuele Rizzi offers a selection of local wines pared with traditional dishes, mixed cured meats and local cheeses offered with honey and jam.

Tel. +39 0835 312058