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Insider guides

This area is a treasure of beauty made of paradisiacal beaches, areas of special natural, archaeological sites and paths of wine. To explore with tranquility: the children can continue to enjoy the kids club!

Lu Impostu Hotel

Lu Impostu

A white sandy beach and lush pine trees: this is Lu Impostu the closet beach to our Paradise Resort...


La Cinta Hotel

La Cinta

La Cintia is a popular San Teodoro's beach, behind the lagoon of San Teodoro without rocks and turquoise waters perfect for bathing.


Su Romanzesu Hotel

Su Romanzesu

One of the most extended nuragical complex, Su Romanzesu it's in Bitti, about 70 km form San Teodoro and by the source of the river Tirso.


Welcome to Miniclub! Hotel

Welcome to Miniclub!

A Paradise also for little guests: our staff will take care of the children from 4 to 12 years old with dancing, group games and many other activities. Joy for kids and also for mummy and daddy!


Home of Vermentino Hotel

Home of Vermentino

Gallura it's Home of Vermentino a straw yellow wine with an intense smell and the taste from dry to sweet. In Monti, about 40 km form San Teodoro there is a famous Vermentino Winery.


Marina Protected Area of Tavolara Hotel

Marina Protected Area of Tavolara

The Marina Protected Area of Tavolara it's a safeguard area of biodiversity extends from Capo Ceraso to Punta Isuledda. Along the coast, in San Teodoro area, there are diving spots and many eco-friendly tourist activities.


Cala Suaraccia Hotel

Cala Suaraccia

Whit-pink sand, junipers and pined and a clear and turquoise water: welcome to Cala Suaraccia a small cove where also leave the boats to Capo Coda Cavallo and Tavolara.