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Sergio Positano - Amministratore - Palazzo Guglielmo

Sergio Positano


Palazzo Guglielmo (Vignacastrisi)

Stay at Palazzo Guglielmo to experience an authentic slice of life in Puglia. The 14/09/13 the Daily Telegraph has selected Palazzo Guglielmo four of the best places to stay in Puglia in Puglia.

La Piazza Hotel

La Piazza

A culinary journey: from Salento to Albania and back!

Tel. +39 0836 901925


Cheese by Maria and Romeo Hotel

Cheese by Maria and Romeo

It's not a shop. It's not a dairy. It's a home where, in the morning only, you can found the most fantastic fresh cheese. Ask a local to show you the way...


The inventive ironmonger Hotel

The inventive ironmonger

Nunzio Casciaro's workshop is packed to the ceiling with the tools of his trade and sketches of his past and present masterpieces


Agostino Casciaro's studio Hotel

Agostino Casciaro's studio

Agostino Casciaro: painter, writer, sculptor and much more... You'll find this modern renaissance man in his Officina d'Arte, an ancient tower house filled with his creations. Ask the locals to show you the way!


La Bersagliera Hotel

La Bersagliera

A romantic restaurant serving typical cuisine from Salento

Tel. +39 0836 938236


A guided tour with our Ape Calessino  Hotel

A guided tour with our Ape Calessino

Every day we offer a guided tour of an hour with our Ape Calessino around the country until the beaches.
From 1 to 4 people: Price: Euro 20,00

Tel. +39.0832.921004