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Salvatore Criscuolo

(Owner )

La Conca Azzurra (Conca dei Marini)

For the beauty and centrality that the Amalfi Coast. From here you can reach every place of interest such as Ravello, Positano, Amalfi, Capri, Pompei, Sorrento. For the good traditions of Mediterranean cuisine.

The santa Rosa's Monastery Hotel

The santa Rosa's Monastery

The ancient Monastery Santa Rosa where he invented the famous "sfogliatella". A Conca dei Marini is also the most impressive monument on the coast, the monastery Santa Rosa today 5-star luxury.

Tel. 089 832 1199


The Emerald Grotto Hotel

The Emerald Grotto

The Emerald Grotto is a natural treasure where you can admire the beautiful reflection of the emerald sea that penetrates inside a tunnel. Stalactites and stalagmites that open to fantasies of each.


The seaside village: a place of beauty Hotel

The seaside village: a place of beauty

The village surrounds the picturesque beach of Conca dei Marini, who was a place for bathing Jackline Kennedy in 1962 during his trip to Italy. Meet the fishermen and people of the place.


Calajanara Restaurant Hotel

Calajanara Restaurant

High-level cuisine

Tel. +39 089 831610