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Hotel Raito (Vietri sul Mare)

The Amalfi Coast already described in its glory and magnificence by the great Tuscan writer Giovanni Boccaccio, father of modern narrative writing.

Ceramic shops Hotel

Ceramic shops

Walking through the alleys of Vietri, you will realize that they have entered a timeless place, where the families still hold the tradition to transform the clay into works of art.


Salerno Hotel


5 Km: Located in the northern end of the Amalfi Coast, its name derives from the gulf which it overlooks. Our suggestions: The Duomo, the Archeological Museum, the sea-side promenade Trieste, the Giuseppe Verdi Theatre and the Arechi Castle


Vietri sul Mare Hotel

Vietri sul Mare

Located on the border of the Amalfi Coast and renowned for its ceramics and the majolica cupolas. Our suggestions: The Museum of Ceramic, Cathedral of San Giovanni and the Marina of Vietri where you can admire the "Due Fratelli"


Museum of ceramics Hotel

Museum of ceramics

Vietri sul Mare is home to the Museo Provinciale della Ceramica dedicated to the ceramics of the Amalfi Coast and the province of Salerno.


Il Golfo restaurant - Hotel Raito Hotel

Il Golfo restaurant - Hotel Raito

The "Il Golfo" Restaurant is one of the most renowned restaurants along the Amalfi Coast and offers the best à la carte Mediterranean cuisine in a stunning location with an exclusive view over the Bay of Salerno and the Faraglioni of Vietri