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Hotel Ca' Tron (Dolo - Venezia)

The Riviera del Brenta is an area full of charm, history and culture, ideal destination for those who want to get away from the "usual" tourist routes. Hotel Ca' Tron in a strategic position between Padua and Venice is the perfect solution!

Venetian Villas Hotel

Venetian Villas

Venetian Villas, located particularly in the area of Riviera del Brenta, are one of the most interesting legacy left by the Republic of Venice, a micro-history of noble families and local communities. http://bit.ly/1Rey996


Cooking classes from "Commands" Hotel

Cooking classes from "Commands"

For a kitchen that follows the rhythm of the seasons and if you want to learn the secrets of natural cooking try your hand at the various courses organized by the restaurant "Comandi" in Dolo. http://www.comandi.net/


Venetian lagoon  islands Hotel

Venetian lagoon islands

The Venice lagoon is a constellation of islands, large and small, some famous, others completely unknown, places where venetian take refuge, to fish or just relax. http://bit.ly/1OmbCCN


Mini cruises along the Brenta Canal

Discover the Venetian Villas but also the landscape that surrounds them. Every year, from March to October, this is possible by browsing on boats and ferries along the scenic Brenta river.