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Pasquale Valentino - Owner - Akasamia

Pasquale Valentino


Akasamia (Itri)

To discover all the charm of an area full of history, culture, archeology and nature. A wonderful sea from Sperlonga to Gaeta, for years Blue Flag beach. A Kasa Mia the high quality of hospitality is the rule!

Punta Cetarola Hotel

Punta Cetarola

Breathtaking views with Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone and Ventotene. Choose from leading Cetarola the angle of the coast where the sea is blue and dive into the waters of the Villa of Tiberius or Circeo in the footsteps of Ulysses.


The Ways Oil and Olive of Gaeta. Hotel

The Ways Oil and Olive of Gaeta.

Ground of knowledge and tastes unique and unforgettable, the verdant territory of South Latium, captivates residents and tourists at the table with its typical quality products. An oasis of flavors and the local people. A Itri produces and markets the famous Olive of Gaeta. Oil also has good taste generous and fragrant. It takes very little to enjoy the fragrance, warm bread and Moscato di Terracina. And then the water Olive, Olive Pistate, Olive Infornate, Olive Cerasole. Simple and authentic flavors.


The Garden of Ninfa and the Castle of Sermoneta Hotel

The Garden of Ninfa and the Castle of Sermoneta

The Garden of Ninfa houses the ruins of a medieval town, burned and plundered several times and then abandoned by its inhabitants. Today, around the banks of a pond, were the remains of a ghost town, with its walls, towers, churches and homes. In 1920 the Prince Caetani Gelasio decided to reclaim this property, with the intention of making the beautiful garden that is still admired. A veritable Garden of Eden declared a Natural Monument of the Italian Republic. His work was continued by Donna Lelia, the last member of the family, who settled in this beautiful romantic park, full of exotic species and decorated with fanciful fountains. In 1977, after his death, Ninfa was donated to the foundation Roffredo Caetani, who still manages the beautiful site. In the garden you can admire apple, cherry and magnolia trees and many varieties of rare plants and Mediterranean flora.
Although the territory of the Municipality of Cisterna di Latina, Ninfa is closely linked to the history of the Caetani family and then to Norma and Sermoneta. Do not miss a visit to the Castle Caetani and the ancient town.

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San Michele and... "porcini" Hotel

San Michele and... "porcini"

On foot or by bike, with a relaxing walk through the woods up the Redentore's mountain to visit a beautiful church. For the experts you can collect mushrooms Galletti and Porcini, wild asparagus and chicory...


Ulysses, the myth and the Emperor Tiberius Hotel

Ulysses, the myth and the Emperor Tiberius

A more beautiful place could not have chosen for its Villa of the Emperor Tiberius, the Sea. The imperial residence, the remains of which, in the sixties was born the Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga, preserves the wonderful finds from the statues that adorned the gardens and the cave of the Cyclops. A true Odyssey of marble which is one of the most fascinating testimony to knowledge of the myth of Odysseus in ancient art.

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The Beaches of the Wind, the Gulf of Vela. Hotel

The Beaches of the Wind, the Gulf of Vela.

The Beaches of Vindicio Capratica and are ideal for those who love surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. On site you can also rent the equipment from dawn to dusk and whiz and sailing in the waves. The Gulf of Gaeta, with its splendid form a horseshoe, in recent years it has become a must for sailors. In April, in collaboration with the Yacht Club Gaeta, Yacht Med Fest, offers the best of the Italian boat.


Rome, Naples and the islands Hotel

Rome, Naples and the islands

From Akasamia you can make sightseeing in the two cities with Intercity train from Formia station. From the port of Formia and Terracina with hydrofoils is possible to reach the islands of Ponza, Ischia, Capri and the Amalfi.


Osteria Pulcinella Hotel

Osteria Pulcinella

Carved into the rock walls of the medieval castle of Itri, where before there was an old mill. Kitchen wise and warm and welcoming environment.

Tel. +39 0771 566793 +39 3343203850


Itri, Old Town, Castle and Tarita Fest. Hotel

Itri, Old Town, Castle and Tarita Fest.

The medieval village of Itri overlooked by the castle, worth a visit both day and night. It is always exciting to discover alleys and stairways, old mills, stone portals and signs of the past. On August 13, you can not miss the Tarita Fest!


Climbing rocks, Naturist Beach and Gay Friendly Hotel

Climbing rocks, Naturist Beach and Gay Friendly

The Beach of Torre Scissura is a really special place. White sand, Emerald Sea and Rocks Vertical. One drawback: 300 steps to get there. The difficulties of access, however, have meant that the beach destination for naturists and rock and equipped in a spartan with umbrellas, sun beds and dining, it is a favorite with families and children because without bathing.
An oasis of peace with looking Caribbean, 1 km of beach where you can soak up the sun comfortably with your feet in the water, where it is possible to bring dogs (even if on a leash), a gay-friendly place, and at sunset, for the fans, venturing into un'adrenalinica vertical climbing


The Abbey of Montecassino Bulwark of Peace. Hotel

The Abbey of Montecassino Bulwark of Peace.

The Abbey of Monte Cassino. Founded in 529 by St Benedict of Norcia, over the centuries the edifice has been the subject of attacks, earthquakes and subsequent reconstructions. Today it serves as a unique gallery for ancient art works.

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Shrines and Madonnas of the East. Via Francigena Hotel

Shrines and Madonnas of the East. Via Francigena

The territory of the South Pontino is crossed by a long stretch of the Appian Itri and Fondi the old route is the longest and best preserved in Italy. In ancient times the Queen of Roads, Road Consular Roman who arrives in Rome to Brindi...


Abbeys and Mysticism ... in places of St. Thomas. Hotel

Abbeys and Mysticism ... in places of St. Thomas.

Based Akasamia you can visit with an interesting Cistercian Abbeys different. Besides the beauty of the place, from the point of view Architectural and Nature, one is kidnapped by the peace that these places emit.
Starting from the beautiful Sant'Angelo in Formis, along the Appian Way, following the path that the ancient Via Francigena pilgrims called, you get to where funds on a closed channel lies the Abbey of St. Magnus, recently restored. Continuing on the SP 148, in the place you stop to Priverno Fossanova where there is the Abbey and the small village of the same name. Here, in addition to admire the architectural beauty of the area, you can visit the cell of St. Thomas Aquinas. A pleasant place of serenity and mysticism.

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The Cave of the Turkish between Sacred and Profane Hotel

The Cave of the Turkish between Sacred and Profane

The Turkish Cave is so named because in the ninth century, at the time of the Duchy of Gaeta, the Saracen ships found refuge between the cracks of Monte Orlando, ready to attack by surprise transiting ships to plunder their cargoes.


It burns ... The winter comes the spring! The Fest Hotel

It burns ... The winter comes the spring! The Fest

On March 19, every year in Itri renews the traditional Festival of the Fires of St. Joseph. Each district of the town, collect wood old wood, pruning of oaks, olive trees, oaks, mastic, and prepares a bonfire around which, accompanied by small touring orchestras that play popular music of southern Italy, you can dance and you can taste local produce and homemade wine. Very beautiful are the torches of the Old Town and along alleys and steps you will be enraptured by oriental melodies and frenetic rhythms of Tamburelli and Tammorre. The soundtrack of the festival offers "Pizziche", "Saltarelli" and "Tammurriate." At 20.00 a firecracker announces the stoker to turn the lighting of bonfires and a moment later the sky glows red Itri and thousands of sparks, along with bystanders, dance in the dark of night.