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Jesi is of ancient origin, dating back to Pre-Roman times. Through the centuries, the city has been conquered by a number of invaders: the Etruscans, Galli Senoni, Romans, Ghibellines (who named the town Città Regia), Visigoths, Longbards and the Ostrogoths.

Traces of Jesi's dramatic history can be found in buildings such as the Church of St. Maria delle Grazie, the Church of St Nicolò, the Church of St. Marco, the Cathedral of Jesi St Settimio, Palazzo Rococò Pianetti Tesei, the Pergolesi Theatre, Palazzo Ricci, Palazzo della Signoria, the Fontana del Grilli Obelisk, the city walls, the Civic Art Museum in Palazzo Pianetti Tesei, the Civic Archeological Museum in Palazzo della Signoria.

Jesi's fame is also linked to its wine making traditions, and in particular to the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. The local gastronomic traditions feature fresh pasta, potato gnocchi with duck sauce, rabbit in potacchio, tripe alla canapina, and fish soup.

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Orlando Rodano


Castello di Monterado

Historical Residences

Orlando Rodano

Monterado is a quiet village, located in the typical hills of Marche region, far 12 km from the city of Senigallia. It's an excellent starting point to the beach or to the hill, to beautiful places like Urbino, Corinaldo and Monte Conero. (Castello di Monterado) →

Chiara Lucangeli


Fattoria Forano

Farmhouse Holidays

Chiara Lucangeli

Try to imagine a garden without boundaries,lying in the shade of mulberry trees,surrounded by vineyards,the peace and quiet of the countryside,waiting for the sunset bring with them the magic of summer nights made of cricke and fireflies. (Fattoria Forano) →

Adriana Ligi

(Socio e gestore)

Villa Tombolina

Farmhouse Holidays

Adriana Ligi

nature, hill (Villa Tombolina) →

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