Hotels to remember: Noto

Hotel Principe di Fitalia


From € 135.00

Locanda Don Serafino


From € 126.00

Caol Ishka Hotel


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From € 259.00

Castello Camemi

Vizzini Scalo

From € 182.00

Riserva del Noce


From € 100.00

Masseria della Volpe


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From € 89.00

Le Case di Elisa

Marina di Ragusa

From € 50.00

Palazzo Cavalieri


From € 168.00

Hotel La Corte del Sole

Lido di Noto

From € 146.00

Anime a Sud


From € 140.00

Le Case dello Zodiaco


From € 59.00

Grand Hotel Minareto


From € 176.00

Tenuta Cammarana


From € 96.00

La Dépendance


From € 130.00

Hotel La Moresca

Marina di Ragusa

From € 135.00

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Noto: introduction

Noto Hotel

A Baroque masterpiece in the province of Siracusa: Noto. Such is the town's beauty that it has been awarded status as Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO. The ancient city of Neas, was known as Neatum by the Greeks, became Netum under Roman rule, and acquired its present name "Noto", under the Arab dominion.

A powerful earthquake completely destroyed the town in 1693, leading to Noto being rebuilt in sumptuous Baroque style. The reconstruction work was supervised by the Duke of Camastra, representative of the Spanish viceroy in Sicily.

Grandiose flights of steps lead worshippers and tourists alike up to the ornately carved entrance doors of the churches, the roads open out in to sweeping piazzas lined by palaces built in a stone of soft pink and golden yellow hues.

A tour of Noto might start from the main square where to visit Palazzo Ducezio, Palazzo Vescovile, Palazzo Lanolina, the Church of San Domenico and, of course, the town's magnificent Cathedral to name but a few of the many buildings worth visiting in Noto.

Noto: suggestions from the hotels

Julia G.


Masseria della Volpe

Countryside Residences

The region all around Noto is a land steeped in history, culture, scenic beauty and bubbling vitality. which offers itineraries and discoveries. (Masseria della Volpe) →

Claudia Origoni


Le Case dello Zodiaco

Historical Residences

Experience the ancient and authentic Sicily, at the heart of Val di Noto. UNESCO world heritage site with 5 other sites in a 30km radius. Famous for its chocolate - the oldest in the world, and only 15 minutes for the sea (blue flag). (Le Case dello Zodiaco) →

Adriana Della Luna



Guest Houses

Noto is located in a strategic position to visit the Baroque towns of south- eastern Sicily. Syracuse is a 20 drive; Scicli and Modica are 40 minutes away by car, and Ragusa is a 20 minute drive from Modica. (Villadorata) →

Noto: places to see in the area