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Tenuta Centoporte


Palazzo Papaleo


From € 69.00

Palazzo De Castro


From € 65.00

Furnirussi Tenuta Hotel

Serrano di Carpignano Salentino

From € 189.00

Masseria Pagani


From € 135.00

Patria Palace


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Masseria Le Fabriche


From € 170.00

Palazzo Guglielmo


From € 105.00

La Tana del Riccio

Vaste di Poggiardo

Relais Petrusella


Grand Hotel L'Approdo

Santa Maria di Leuca

From € 70.00

La Macchiola


From € 90.00

Don Totu

San Cassiano

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Nardò: introduction

Nardò Hotel

An ancient town with an artistic heritage of incalculable worth, Nardò is home to some of the finest examples of Puglian Baroque architecture.

In the heart of Salento, and just a few kilometers away from the Ionian sea, this part of Puglia has been inhabited since pre-historic times. The town was founded around about the 8th century B.C. by the Messapic population who gave it the name of Nerito (from the Greek "Nar", or water).

The Romans were particularly enamoured by Nardò and they made sure their important Via Traiana road passed by here. In the 16th century the Aragons built the town's castle, but it was Giovanni Maria Tarantino, undisputed genius of the Barocco Leccese, the man responsible for the architectural masterpieces which today attract thousands of tourists to Nardò each year, including the splendid Church of San Domenico.

The most spectacular of Nardò's sites has to be the Piazza Salandra, one of the most beautiful squares in the whole of Italy, complete with ornate 18th century column dedicated to the Immaculate Conception at its center. Here the façades of the churches and palazzi appear as if chiselled by master goldsmiths.

Nardò: suggestions from the hotels

Laura Riccetti


La Tana del Riccio

Guest Houses

Laura Riccetti

In the heart of Salento, Vaste is a surprising small 15th C. borough in the inland of beautiful villages along the adriatic coast, such as Castro and S.Cesarea Terme, which exemplifies the past life traditions of an Italy of the 60's. (La Tana del Riccio) →

Sergio Positano


Palazzo Guglielmo

Small Boutique Hotels

Sergio Positano

Stay at Palazzo Guglielmo to experience an authentic slice of life in Puglia. The 14/09/13 the Daily Telegraph has selected Palazzo Guglielmo four of the best places to stay in Puglia in Puglia. (Palazzo Guglielmo) →

Marilisa Duggento

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Masseria Le Fabriche

4 Star Hotels

This area of the Ionian coast of Salento, has all the typical features of Pure Puglia: clear sea, wild nature, centuries old culture, excellent wine and food, peacefulness and relax. (Masseria Le Fabriche) →

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