Commenda di San Calogero (Countryside Residences) Brucoli

This hotel is no longer part of the collection

Commenda di San Calogero Countryside Residences Brucoli
Commenda di San Calogero
Contrada San Calogero - 96011 Brucoli (Siracusa)
Tel. +39 095 998417

Life in the country, Sicilian-style

Three reasons why you'll love it here

  1. Stay in a period residence on the high plain of Ibleo
  2. Book a Sicilian supper, just for you
  3. Have fun: in the pool or on horseback!

Famous for its paradisiacal little islets, sun-scorched beaches and ancient seaside cities, Sicily is unbelievably beautiful inland too; no more so than in the unspoiled countryside between the sea and the Ibleo plateau.
This is where Commenda di San Calogero is located, at the heart of an ancient farming estate and hunting reserve, where the old rural traditions of Sicily are still observed - with a passion.

Country charm, Sicilian-style

Part country house, part farm stay, Commenda di San Calogero is a truly special place to spend a holiday. Centuries-old architecture and aristocratic Sicilian décor can be found in equal measure throughout the property, be it in the manor house, or in the store rooms and porticoes, recently converted into beautiful dining room, library and in-and-outside sitting areas.
In the bedrooms, items typical of Sicily's country homes combine with exquisite pieces of period furniture and the latest in modern technology to create a tantalizing mix of old world charm and contemporary comfort.

The enchanted garden

Take a stroll through the garden, across the soft green lawns dotted with lovingly tended flowerbeds and past the water feature which terminates in a pretty fountain, to reach Commenda di San Calogero's ornamental temple.
After a leisurely morning in the garden, surrounded by the colors and scents of Sicily, pop into the Commenda's spa for a relaxing sauna or Turkish bath.

Thinking of tying the knot in Sicily? You couldn't find a more idyllic location in which to say "I do" than the Commenda di San Calogero!

Walking, swimming and horse riding: when the outdoors is great!

Bordered by the dry stone walls typical of the Sicilian countryside, Commeda di San Calogero's swimming pool is a peaceful oasis, complete with sun decks and a snack bar where, on request, light lunches are served.
Adventure across the fields surrounding the hotel and you'll come across Commenda di San Calogero's stud farm, where horses have been bred and trained for show jumping, for over a century!

The flavors of Sicily, on demand. Whether you fancy a light lunch or a leisurely four course dinner, at Commenda di San Calogero all you have to do is ask!

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