Costiera Amalfitana Hotel

Costiera Amalfitana

Be amazed by the villages of the coast, the enchanting views of Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and nature trails of Lattari.


Villa Rizzo Resort & Spa San Cipriano Picentino (Salerno) - Countryside Residences
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Great fish restaurant behind the Piazza Vittorio.
For me the best fish restaurant in Turin.
Pleasant and informal place, great fish cooked with traditional Mediterranean recipes!
Really recommended

Tel. +39 011 8394543


Cascina San Vito Torino (Torino) - Countryside Residences
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Abbey Monte Oliveto Maggiore Hotel

Abbey Monte Oliveto Maggiore

Founded in the early fourteenth century by Blessed Bernardo Tolomei the impressive Benedictine houses of Renaissance frescoes by Signorelli and Bazzi called Sodoma

Tel. +39 0577 707611


Fattoria Armena Buonconvento (Siena) - Countryside Residences
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Da Caino Hotel

Da Caino

Excellent cheeses and a wine cellar with an enviable paper very comprehensive. In a small medieval village in the Maremma.

Tel. +39 0564 602817


La Sugheraia Private Manor Orbetello (Grosseto) - Luxury Villas
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Frascati - Bishop's Palace Hotel

Frascati - Bishop's Palace

The fortress, built during the pontificate of Pius II (1458- 1464), was transformed into the episcopal palace(Palazzo Vescovile) after it was donated by Pope Paul III Farnese to the bishops of the Suburbicarian Diocese of Frascati


Locanda dello Spuntino Grottaferrata (Roma) - 4 stars
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Pool Bar Hotel

Pool Bar

A Pool Bar is open for a light lunch under the Jasmine pergola in our garden solarium by the lake.


Relais Villa Vittoria Laglio (Como) - 4 stars
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Baroque of Val di Noto Hotel

Baroque of Val di Noto

Val di Noto is made of different art towns, some of them are listed in the UNESCO heritage: Noto, Scicli, Ragusa, Modica, Palazzolo, Caltagirone, Militello Val di Catania and Catania, which have been rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693.


Masseria della Volpe Noto (Siracusa) - Countryside Residences
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Next2 Hotel


Trendy Italian fusion and seafood

Tel. +39 089 8123516


Villa Oliviero Positano (Salerno) - Luxury Villas
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Shopping a Gallipoli Hotel

Shopping a Gallipoli

Shopping in the famous town of Gallipoli is a 10-minute drive from our hotel


Masseria Pagani Nardò (Lecce) - Resort
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Grottaferrata- Ad Decimum Catacombs  Hotel

Grottaferrata- Ad Decimum Catacombs

This extraordinary catacomb complex was discovered in1905.The hypogeum is entirely dug out in the tufa rock at 9 meters below ground level, and extends for about 250 metres.
Open only Sun:10.00-12.30 e 15.00-17.30
Other days on reserv.

Tel. +39 348.40.66.708


Locanda dello Spuntino Grottaferrata (Roma) - 4 stars
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A guided tour with our Ape Calessino  Hotel

A guided tour with our Ape Calessino

Every day we offer a guided tour of an hour with our Ape Calessino around the country until the beaches.
From 1 to 4 people: Price: Euro 20,00

Tel. +39.0832.921004


Palazzo Guglielmo Vignacastrisi (Lecce) - Small Boutique Hotels
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Napoleon's Island Hotel

Napoleon's Island

Two centuries ago, Napoleon arrived on Elba in exile and even after all this time the islanders still commemorate the Emporer, keeping his memory alive through a number of monuments and palaces tied to this important historical figure.


Boutique Hotel Ilio Sant'Andrea, Marciana, Isola d'Elba (Livorno) - Small Boutique Hotels
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Free Terme di Bagno San Filippo Hotel

Free Terme di Bagno San Filippo

Among the most evocative of Amiata. You can bathe in this monumental waterfall sound, surrounded by a grove of oaks and pines and fir trees, along a small path leading to the pool real

Tel. +39 0578755167


La Casa di Adelina Monticchiello, Pienza (Siena) - Bed & Breakfast
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S.Maria del Gesù Hotel

S.Maria del Gesù

The only church to have survived the 1693 earthquake which destroyed most of the Val di Noto, with magnificent double cloister. The church is open to the general public on Saturday mornings only.


Le Case dello Zodiaco Modica (Ragusa) - Historical Residences
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Terme di San Giovanni a Rapolano Hotel

Terme di San Giovanni a Rapolano

Wellness 365 days a year


Toscana Laticastelli Country Relais Rapolano Terme (Siena) - 3 stars
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Downhill and Enduro bike Hotel

Downhill and Enduro bike

Monroc is the perfect place to do Downhill and Enduro bike. We are a 10 steps from Daolasa lift that in 12 min reaches the top and from here you can come down with your bike. Pure adrenaline!


Monroc Hotel Commezzadura (Trento) - 4 stars
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Ferrari restaurant e luna bar - lounge bar Hotel

Ferrari restaurant e luna bar - lounge bar

located in the shopping street of Perugia a good restaurant ! If You will be our Guests, with the Villa Nuba Gold Card You will have special care and great discount !

Tel. +39 075 5722966


Villa Nuba Charming Apartments Perugia (Perugia) - Countryside Residences
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Osteria della Bianca Hotel

Osteria della Bianca

Typical Tuscan cuisine and pizza

Tel. +39 0587 732236


Le Colombaie Country Resort Ponsacco (Pisa) - Resort
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The Garden of Ninfa and the Castle of Sermoneta Hotel

The Garden of Ninfa and the Castle of Sermoneta

The Garden of Ninfa houses the ruins of a medieval town, burned and plundered several times and then abandoned by its inhabitants. Today, around the banks of a pond, were the remains of a ghost town, with its walls, towers, churches and homes. In 1920 the Prince Caetani Gelasio decided to reclaim this property, with the intention of making the beautiful garden that is still admired. A veritable Garden of Eden declared a Natural Monument of the Italian Republic. His work was continued by Donna Lelia, the last member of the family, who settled in this beautiful romantic park, full of exotic species and decorated with fanciful fountains. In 1977, after his death, Ninfa was donated to the foundation Roffredo Caetani, who still manages the beautiful site. In the garden you can admire apple, cherry and magnolia trees and many varieties of rare plants and Mediterranean flora.
Although the territory of the Municipality of Cisterna di Latina, Ninfa is closely linked to the history of the Caetani family and then to Norma and Sermoneta. Do not miss a visit to the Castle Caetani and the ancient town.

Tel. 0773 695404


Akasamia Itri (Latina) - Bed & Breakfast
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Villa Rufolo - Ravello Hotel

Villa Rufolo - Ravello

One of the most enchanting place of the Amalfi Coast: a dream location for a wedding, with a spectacular breathtaking view. During summer Villa Rufolo hosts the Ravello Festival: concerts and live performances on its panoramic terrace.


Villa dei D'Armiento Sant'Agnello, Sorrento (Napoli) - Villas
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Volterra Hotel


Volterra is one of the finest and oldest town in Italy.
For Etruscan lovers: don't miss the Guarnacci Museum, one of the finest Etruscan museum in the world!
have a promenate round the wall: the cyclopic one and the medioeval rest.


Fattoria di Statiano Pomarance (Pisa) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Konza Kiffi Hotel

Konza Kiffi

The farm Konza Kiffi is a real experience of taste, to discover the flavors that enhance the culinary tradition of Pantelleria.


Le Lanterne Resort Pantelleria (Trapani) - Resort
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Kontatto Cafe & Steak House Hotel

Kontatto Cafe & Steak House

We are in the centre of Sorrento next to Sorrento Train station and opposite piazza Lauro. You can choose to come to relax, we have No service charge. We are friendly and our pleasure is to make your holiday a one to remember.


Relais Villarena Nerano - Massa Lubrense (Napoli) - Villas
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Le Lanterne Resort Pantelleria (Trapani) - Resort
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La Cucoma Hotel

La Cucoma

Fish dishes excellent value for money

Tel. +39 0544 534147


Relais Villa Roncuzzi Russi (Ravenna) - 4 stars
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Cooking class Hotel

Cooking class

Tuesdays with the chef at Locanda are an occasion to learn small and great secrets and happily meddle with the pasta!
The participants ,maximum 6, will prepare a three course dinner and dessert as well as bread and homemade pasta .

Tel. +390584915195


Locanda al Colle Camaiore (Lucca) - Guest Houses
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Marina Protected Area of Tavolara Hotel

Marina Protected Area of Tavolara

The Marina Protected Area of Tavolara it's a safeguard area of biodiversity extends from Capo Ceraso to Punta Isuledda. Along the coast, in San Teodoro area, there are diving spots and many eco-friendly tourist activities.


Paradise Resort Sardegna San Teodoro (Olbia-Tempio) - 4 stars
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I Pescatori Hotel

I Pescatori

Casual, self service restaurant, with large communal tables and view of the lagoon. It's run by a fishermen's cooperative -so the fish is awesome.

Tel. +39 0564 860611


La Sugheraia Private Manor Orbetello (Grosseto) - Luxury Villas
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Choose: what do you like more?

Bicycle, horses, wasp, quad just choose it!


Il Cantico della Natura Montesperello di Magione (Perugia) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Marmore Waterfalls - 15km from the hotel Abbazi...

The Marmore Waterfalls are the highest in Europe: 165 metres hight.
They are inside the natural park of the Nera river.


Abbazia San Pietro in Valle Ferentillo (Terni) - Historical Residences
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