Tod's Hotel


Today, Tod's SpA by Diego della Valle is the operating holding of a Group, which ranks among the leading players in the production and marketing of footwear and leather goods, with the Tod's and Hogan, also active in clothing with Fay.

Tel. +39 0734 871671


Castello di Monterado Monterado (Ancona) - Historical Residences
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Tfe famous Caltagirone pottery Hotel

Tfe famous Caltagirone pottery

At less than 1 hour from Modica, discover the famous handicraft ateliers of pottery in Caltagirone, the ideal spot for your shopping


Anime a Sud Modica (Ragusa) - Guest Houses
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Insolito Ristorante Hotel

Insolito Ristorante

Tasty cuisine, excellent wine list

Tel. +39 0544 582954


Relais Villa Roncuzzi Russi (Ravenna) - 4 stars
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Golf in the green heart of Italy Hotel

Golf in the green heart of Italy

The Posta di Confine is close to the main Golf Club. Our guests can take advantage of subsidized inputs to fields and facilities of Antognolla Golf Club (15min) Golf Club Perugia (15 min) Golf Club Lamborghini ( 20 min).

Tel. +390756059138


La Posta di Confine Mantignana (Perugia) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Wine tours Hotel

Wine tours

To all our Guests we are happy to suggest the best wine tours in Umbria with specials!


Villa Nuba Charming Apartments Perugia (Perugia) - Countryside Residences
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Ristorante Gourmet Hotel

Ristorante Gourmet

Directed by the young chef Simon Ragni is the right place to eat typical Umbrian cuisine.

Tel. +39 075 889979


San Pietro Sopra Le Acque Resort & Spa Massa Martana (Perugia) - Historical Residences
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Volterra Hotel


An example of the perfect blending of a number of different architectural periods, Volterra has an Etruscan city gate, the Porta dell'Arco, Roman ruins, the Medieval Palazzo dei Priori, and a number of industrial archaeological sites...


Locanda dell'Amorosa Sinalunga (Siena) - 4 stars
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Tempio del Gusto Hotel

Tempio del Gusto

Creative gourmet cuisine

Tel. +39 0743 47121


Torre Palombara - Dimora Storica Narni (Terni) - Historical Residences
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The secret of San Miniato: Tuber Magnum Pico Hotel

The secret of San Miniato: Tuber Magnum Pico

The woodlands surrounding this small hilltop town are teeming with the most highly-prized white truffles in the world. Join a truffle hunt to experience the process and then head up to town to taste these heavenly - and costly! - morsels.


Fattoria Barbialla Nuova Montaione (Firenze) - Farmhouse Holidays
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OK the Sea but not only that .... Hotel

OK the Sea but not only that ....

Our sea is the Sicilian Channel; here we still have some untouched sandy beaches and high sand dunes that remember us that we're closer to North Africa that Turin... Think that Marina di Ragusa is southern than Tunis...come to discover thi


Hotel La Moresca Marina di Ragusa (Ragusa) - 4 stars
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The magic of Marche's medieval villages  Hotel

The magic of Marche's medieval villages

Explore the medieval villages in Marche, from Montelupone to Morrovalle, passing by the Abbey of Fiastra, the Basilica of Santa Maria a Piè in Chienti and the Sanctuary of Loreto


Santomaro Country Loft Morrovalle (Macerata) - Countryside Residences
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San Pancrazio is Fairyland Hotel

San Pancrazio is Fairyland

Almost all the fairy tales come from a small town in Romagna San Pancrazio. One of these is born in Villa Roncuzzi, which is said to contain in its stone walls the head of the Dragon ...


Relais Villa Roncuzzi Russi (Ravenna) - 4 stars
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i 2 cigni Hotel

i 2 cigni

A Montecosaro is this refined local, well regarded by the press as essential as meticulous in the furnishings in the gastronomic research, between history and creation, with a cellar tr giudicat the most interesting in Italy.

Tel. 0039 0733 865182


Il Sambuco Morrovalle (Macerata) - B&B and Homes
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Fano Hotel


The Roman "Fanum Fortunae", today a seaside city near the mouth of the Metauro river. Visit the Palazzo della Ragione, the Pinacoteca art gallery, the Arch of Augustus and the Loggias of San Michele. 20 minutes driving from the Castle.


Castello di Monterado Monterado (Ancona) - Historical Residences
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Freshly produced buffalo mozzarella Hotel

Freshly produced buffalo mozzarella

A few miles from Penna in Teverina, about 40 minutes drive from Sismano you can see, every afternoon how mozzarella is made. Absolutely a must! try also the ricotta and all the cheese made with the buffalo milk locally produced


Castello di Sismano Sismano (Terni) - Historical Residences
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Villa Cimbrone Hotel

Villa Cimbrone

For me, one of the most beautiful places in the world


Villa Oliviero Positano (Salerno) - Luxury Villas
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Ca' de Vèn Hotel

Ca' de Vèn

Excellent wine list and dishes to accompany

Tel. +39 0544 30163


Relais Villa Roncuzzi Russi (Ravenna) - 4 stars
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La Corte Restaurant Hotel

La Corte Restaurant

Do you want to find the perfect combination of quality products, creative innovation and Apulian tradition? Surely at the restaurant "La Corte" of the Masseria Santa Teresa in Sannicola you can!


Masseria Relais Santa Teresa Sannicola (Lecce) - 4 stars
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The Cheese Alms Tour on Monte Corno Hotel

The Cheese Alms Tour on Monte Corno

If you're visiting the Asiago Plateau you can't miss this great, walking (or biking or driving) tour among the mountain cheese alms of Monte Corno: breathtaking views - in bright days you can see Venice! And a lot of Asiago Cheese to buy!

Tel. +39 333 3792859


Locanda La Scuola Lusiana (Vicenza) - B&B and Homes
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Archeological site of Pompeii Hotel

Archeological site of Pompeii

Pompeii is an ancient Roman town, whose inhabitants died after a devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The city, buried under the ashes, is perfectly preserved and is now one of the most visited archeological sites in the world.


Villa dei D'Armiento Sant'Agnello, Sorrento (Napoli) - Villas
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Il Palazzone - Az. Agricola Vitivinicola Hotel

Il Palazzone - Az. Agricola Vitivinicola

A small farm, a great Brunello.


Relais Villa Armena Buonconvento (Siena) - Small Boutique Hotels
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Our popular ceramics called "cocci", are made with the traditional process that still work in the laboratory in the historic centre of Cortona, where several kind of products was born over the years according to the market needs.

Tel. +39 0575 604405


Relais il Falconiere Cortona (Arezzo) - 4 stars
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Carmen Bay Hotel

Carmen Bay

For a memorable meal within steps of the sea (and the fish is, naturally, incredibly fresh!)

Tel. +39 0564 0893196


La Sugheraia Private Manor Orbetello (Grosseto) - Luxury Villas
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Lets' dance Pizzica! Hotel

Lets' dance Pizzica!

Moana will come to La Macchiola to tech you how to dance Pizzica, a typical folkoristic dance that have a long history and its surronded by mystery as it was told that it came from the bite of a spider called Tarantola


La Macchiola Spongano (Lecce) - Farmhouse Holidays
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Arte a Colori Gallery Hotel

Arte a Colori Gallery

A Contemporary Art Gallery of painting and sculpture, realized by well-known artists and art-beginners, that organize events and theme exhibitions where the world of art meets social backgrounds, as in "Meet Art, Feed Art" exhibit.

Tel. +39 0577 1981483


Relais della Rovere Colle di Val d'Elsa (Siena) - 4 stars
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Bay of Sant'Andrea Hotel

Bay of Sant'Andrea

Elba is all about the sea: just 150m from the hotel lies the postcard-perfect Bay of Sant'Andrea, with its soft sand and shallow waters, and, just beyond, Cotoncello Point, with its rocky shore and limpid tide pools perfect for swimming


Boutique Hotel Ilio Sant'Andrea, Marciana, Isola d'Elba (Livorno) - Small Boutique Hotels
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MAEC's history stretches back to 1727 when the Accademia Etrusca (Etruscan Academy) was founded; the academy's statutory goals included the dissemination of historical and artistic culture through key-tools such as the famous Museum.

Tel. +39 0575 637235


Relais il Falconiere Cortona (Arezzo) - 4 stars
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Ristorante La Lucerna di Ferrro Hotel

Ristorante La Lucerna di Ferrro

At a short distance from Villa I Poggioli, this romantic restaurant over the waters can be reached in 5 minutes walk. They serve fresh fish of our Ligurian coast and also special recipes of the tradition of our region.


Villa i Poggioli Bocca di Magra (La Spezia) - House rental
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Il Tramonto Hotel

Il Tramonto

This beach club is the ideal choice if you want to combine a day on Giannela beach with a lunch by the sea

Tel. +39 0564 820935


La Sugheraia Private Manor Orbetello (Grosseto) - Luxury Villas
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Osteria la Limonaia

Outside the city center of Pistoia, this family run restaurant represents the joy for all those who want to discover the authentic flavors of the tuscan cuisine!


Villa Parri Pistoia (Pistoia) - Historical Residences
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