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Known as the "Capital of the Langhe", Alba, because of its favorable site, is today an important agricultural and grape growing center. The city of Alba is of Medieval origin and has magnificently preserved towers and blocks of buildings in its historic center. In the heart of the old town lies Piazza Risorgimento; here the Palazzo Comunale, with its beautiful Sala Resistenza and Sala del Consiglio, can be found.

To see: the Cathedral of St Lorenzo and the Church of St Domencio. From Piazza Risorgimento visitors should walk along the town's main street, Via Emanuelle II, known also as "Via Maestra", a spectacular display of terracotta decorated houses and 15th century windows.

Here one can admire the Church of St Maria Maddalena and the urn of Beata Margherita di Savoia. Next to the Church one finds Via Paruzza and the Federico Eusebio Archeological and Natural Science Museum.

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