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Carlo Lunati - Proprietario - Valle Rita

Carlo Lunati


Valle Rita (Ginosa)

Immersed in an organic farm in Apulia. Unique place for relaxation.

La Latteria Hotel

La Latteria

Near the city of Sassi, in a small room furnished in a simple way, Emanuele Rizzi offers a selection of local wines pared with traditional dishes, mixed cured meats and local cheeses offered with honey and jam.

Tel. +39 0835 312058


La Gravina di Laterza Hotel

La Gravina di Laterza

It is the largest canyons in Europe. Around and inside it has developed over thousands of years a rock civilization that has left traces in culture, history and arts. Inside the canyon there is Lipu oasis.

Tel. +39 339 3311947


G. Inglese Sartoria Hotel

G. Inglese Sartoria

Since 1955 he had made hand-sewn garments according to traditional methods of sewing. Fine fabrics and attention to small details. The excellence of made in Italy.

Tel. +39 099.8292572