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Gianmarco Spano - Proprietario - Relais Petrusella

Gianmarco Spano


Relais Petrusella (Giuggianello)

Here in our area , because of its strategic position , you can visit the entire Salento because just minutes away from both coasts . Furthermore Pajare in Relais make living an emotion totally unique with these magical trees around .

Botanical garden

Fascinating Botanical Garden of succulents in the Puglia - Salento countryside with an internal restaurant really nice where you can dine in the midst of orange and lemon trees .
excellent delicacies !


Restaurant Il Fòllaro

Located on a hill this restaurant has wonderful panoramic view , there is a Byzantine rock grotto of St. John right in the middle of the front garden . The managers are very helpful and very good in the kitchen !



Beautiful excursions that you can do at sunset , or why not even at night with a quad . You can choose to go horse riding with a guide or a boat maybe eating on board while visiting the caves . Unforgettable !