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Situated on a varied terrain of lowlands, hill and mountainside, Arezzo has ancient origins. It was founded by the Umbrians, became an important Etruscan center, and subsequently a strategic point for the Romans, finally, after many a bloody battle, it fell under the control of Medieval Florence.

The numerous monuments testify to Arezzo's past: the Roman Amphitheatre, the Basilica of St Francis, the House of Petrarch, the Bacci Chapel, the Cathedral of St Donato, the Church of St Maria delle Grazie, the Church of St Annunziata, the Medici Fortress, the Town Walls, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art, Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo Vescovile, Palazzo Pretorio.

Arezzo was the birth place of many illustrious names such as the poet Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca). For centuries Arezzo has been producing ceramics, fabrics, leather goods, and wood carvings. Arezzo hosts a series of important festivals such as the "Giostra del Saracino", the Polifonico and a famous Antiques fair.

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Lina Bartelli

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Locanda del Molino

4 Star Hotels

Lina Bartelli

Qualunque sia il tema della vostra vacanza in Toscana, la Locanda รจ il posto giusto: per godere delle bellezze della campagna intorno a Cortona, per gustare i sapori veri di piatti semplici ma ricchi di tradizione. (Locanda del Molino) →

Neri Guicciardini


Castello di Gargonza

Historical Residences

Neri Guicciardini

Situated in the heart of the Tuscan hills, Gargonza is a thirteenth-century fortified village reminiscent of the toys forts that children enjoy building on the floor, spending hours moving around the tower, the wells or the castle walls. (Castello di Gargonza) →

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Relais il Falconiere

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Lina Bartelli

If you want to taste the best of history, art and eno gastronomic excellences, Cortona is your goal!... inthe heart of Tuscany but also close to Umbria it's the perfect place to visit the best of both regions. (Relais il Falconiere) →

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