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Carlo Citterio - Proprietario - Locanda dell'Amorosa

Carlo Citterio


Locanda dell'Amorosa (Sinalunga)

One of the beauties of La Locanda dell'Amorosa is that it is surrounded by some of the most lovely villages and hilltowns inTuscany, full of historic charm and artistic and architectural masterpieces.

Montepulciano Hotel


A step back into Medieval history, this perfectly-conserved S-shaped village sits above the rolling Sienese countryside and boasts a Palazzo Comunale which is an almost exact replica of Florence's Palazzo Vecchio. The view is unforgettable.


Monteriggioni Hotel


The Castello di Monteriggioni was one of the most important defensive castles guarding against the invading Florentines, and its lookout towers jutting into the sky evoke an unmistakably Medieval air.


Cortona Hotel


Located in the Val di Chiana and founded, according to legend, exactly 108 days after the Great Flood, Cortona is one of the most important cultural cities in the entire Chiana Valley.


L'Amorosa in Winter Hotel

L'Amorosa in Winter

Settle in by the fire with a good glass of wine in hand, enjoying the seasonal local meats, cheeses, and peppery newly-pressed olive oil.


Pienza Hotel


The Duomo, the Museum, and Palazzo Piccolomini (residence of Pope Pius II) are the three sights every visitor to Pienza should see. This pretty town is flat, so it's easy to visit the shops and artisan boutiques which line the streets.


L'Amorosa in Summer Hotel

L'Amorosa in Summer

This is the season in which to enjoy a spectacular sunset from a different vantage point each evening, watch the bustling wildlife, take a dive in the pool, or set off for a long walk under the lime trees or through the woods.


Crete Senesi Hotel

Crete Senesi

Many visitors compare the landscape in the Crete Senesi to the surface of the moon, and there is a bit of truth to that comparison. The undulating badlands and clay formations formed by eons of wind erosion are eerily beautiful.


Volterra Hotel


An example of the perfect blending of a number of different architectural periods, Volterra has an Etruscan city gate, the Porta dell'Arco, Roman ruins, the Medieval Palazzo dei Priori, and a number of industrial archaeological sites...


Colle Val d'Elsa Hotel

Colle Val d'Elsa

This village is known for its excellent local wines, its organic farms, and its crystal production. The center is built on two levels and the town linked historically to the Via Francigena pilgrim route.