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Experiences you'll remember c/o Belmond Villa Sant Andrea


Believe it or not, there are times when even the most devout of sun-worshippers get tired of lazing by Belmond Villa Sant Andrea's spectacular sea-edge infinity pool and decide they want to get more out of their dream holiday in Sicily than an authentic Mediterranean tan...

Hoe he'e nalu

If you're an active type or simply had enough of snoozing on the sun-baked beach of Mazzarò, Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea has just the thing for you: stand-up paddle surfing!

Stand up paddle surfing (SUP) or Hoe he'e nalu, as it's called in Hawaii where the ancient sport was invented, is the fastest growing water sport in the world. It's also one of the easiest to learn (experts reckon an hour's training is all you'll need!), meaning even absolute beginners can enjoy this ancient activity, which combines sea, sun and fun to perfection!

Not only is stand up paddle surfing fun, it just happens to be one of the best full-body workouts in the world too!

Balancing act

Who needs a meditation mat when you can have a surf board? Get Belmond Villa Sant Andrea's concierge to arrange a session of yoga-boarding and improve your balance, coordination and body strength as you surf the waves, surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful seascapes surrounding Taormina...

Barefoot luxury

Can you think of anything more romantic than dining by the water's edge, on a warm summer's evening, as the sun sets over the Sicilian sea? We couldn't either, until, that is, we found out about Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea's amazing eating experience...

If you want to treat your loved one to a meal he or she will never forget, get the hotel's concierge to organize an exclusive dinner, served at a table for two cooled by the shallow waters of the Mazzarò Bay!

Kick off your sandals, roll up your trousers and wade into the sea, to reach your table and that superlative fish supper which executive chef Salvatore Gambuzza has prepared - just for the two of you.

Boutique on the beach

In Mazzarò Bay, in the heart of Taormina's seaside district, Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea is a gorgeous boutique hotel, complete with luxurious suites, gourmet restaurant, wellness center and private beach - all with marvelous views of the shimmering Sicilian sea.

Info & Bookings

Belmond Villa Sant Andrea
Via Nazionale, 137 - 98030 Taormina Mazzarò (Messina)
Tel. +39 0942 6271200

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