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A splendid day in Portofino

Unforgettable experiences c/o Hotel Splendido by Belmond

A splendid day in Portofino

As anyone lucky enough to have stayed at Portofino's Belmond Hotel Splendido will be able to tell you, there's more to luxury in this iconic Ligurian 5 star than snoozing in your sumptuous suite, relaxing in the spectacular spa and savoring Chef Corrado Corti's phenomenal food on the sea view terrace: it's about enjoying unique experiences too - like spending a morning with the local fishermen or taking a roof top tour of nearby Genoa.

Fishing for compliments

Stay at Belmond Hotel Splendido and not only will you have the opportunity to enjoy some of the finest fish in the whole of Liguria (if not the world!), you'll get the chance to find out how, where and by whom it was caught too!

How? Ask to go fishing with Renato, the captain of the Castel Dragone boat: and sail to the Western shore of Mount Portofino to see the local fishermen hauling in their nets, before heading out to sea to try your hand at fishing with Liguria's traditional Palamiti: fishing lines which are so long that they can have as many as 500 hooks attached to them!
After a morning's fishing, it's time for a swim in the shimmering waters of the Gulf of Paradise.

Belmond Hotel Splendido's full day fishing adventure starts early, with a delicious onboard breakfast of Liguria's fragrant focaccia, followed by a fantastic fish lunch prepared by none other than Captain Renato himself!

The sky's the limit

Rather stay on dry land? Spend the morning soaking up the Mediterranean sun on the beach or being pampered to Portofino-style perfection in the spa, before heading off for a Rooftop Tour of Genoa: to see the UNESCO protected city from the roofs of some of its most beautiful buildings.

Belmond Hotel Splendido's rooftop tour of Genoa includes a visit to Palazzo Rosso, home to an impressive series of 17th century frescoes and an art collection which includes masterpieces by Durer and Van Dyck. From the palazzo's terrace, which is normally closed to the public, you'll be treated to sweeping views of Italy's ancient maritime republic. More amazing views of the sea and city of Genoa can be seen from the Mirador terrace, at the top of the Galata Sea Museum, the largest museum of its kind in the Mediterranean.

The highlight of the Rooftop Tour? The ride in Renzo Piano's panoramic "Bigo" elevator, the glass walled, rotating cabin of which affords 360° views of the port and city of Genoa

"I left my heart in Portofino bay with a Kayak..."

Paddle gently through the quiet waters of Portofino Marine Park in the magical twilight, when the sea is calm and still and the silence surrounds you. The evening begins on Niasca beach, a 10-minute walk from Belmond Hotel Splendido, where the guide who is also an expert in the marine life of the protected sanctuary shows guests the basics of kayaking.

By the light of a head torch, head off into Paraggi's wonderfully tranquil turquoise bay, which is closed to boat traffic, to gain some kayaking confidence. Added illumination comes from the flashing beam of Portofino's lighthouse. As you glide past Lighthouse Point, the landscape changes: all traces of civilisation disappear and it is just you and the watery wilderness. There is an opportunity to enjoy a night swim under the stars before slipping back into your kayak and returning to Niasca.

Info & Bookings:
Hotel Splendido by Belmond
Salita Baratta, 16 - 16034 Portofino (Genoa)
Tel. +39 018 5267801


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